Tauranga Youth Academy

In 1997 Impactauranga began the Youth Academy when they realised many young people were not engaging in their education and just roaming the streets. 

Nynette Martin offered to take on this challenge, and developed an excellent program designed to re-engage the young people in their education and their future. 

“Youth with a future” was always her catch cry and she would never consider any young person should not have an opportunity to change and succeed in their life. She has subsequently dedicated her life to supporting the young people of our city and currently works as Manager of Social Services for Impactauranga. 

The Academy very quickly became well known and was the forerunner of what is now Alternative Education in New Zealand, catering for the young people who have been excluded from main stream education.  

The Academy is now run by two qualified teachers and operates a full secondary school program for 18 young people.

As well as the academic program, the Academy offers electives and outside activities to create a balanced school day experience for the students.

We also offer Social Work support and mentoring for the students, to help them resolve challenges and gain confidence concerning their future. 

While each student is learning at their own academic level, many are gaining level one NCEA credits and achieving well. Students have the opportunity to return to mainstream schooling, transition to further education or employment opportunities.

The Academy is a non-smoking environment and all students are picked up and dropped home each day.  

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Check out pictures of ImpacTauranga in action below. 

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