Impact Mentoring

This service began in 2013 as ImpacTauranga was looking for further opportunities to support the vulnerable youth of our City.

The Youth Justice department required Mentors for one-on-one support for young offenders, providing 52 hours of good, positive support for the young person to assist them through the situation they were facing. 

ImpacTauranga was quick to offer their services and are seeing great results, with the help of excellent mentors, many of whom have overcome difficult times themselves.

We are supporting up to 25 young people each year, helping them to complete their Court orders, attending counselling and generally guiding them into a new positive direction for their life.

While we are contracted to the Youth Justice Department for this service , we also provide Mentors for our House residents and the Academy  students needing extra support. 

We are also available to the community and can provide support to the young person before they find themselves in trouble. “Prevention is better than cure”

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Check out pictures of ImpacTauranga in action below. 

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