Arndt House

Arndt House is a residential home catering for up to 5 young people of all ages.  We can cater for all ages up to 18 years old.

Arndt House is a safe, loving environment where Young People receive support, care, protection and guidance for their future. Each young person has a Destiny Plan for their stay, and the staff and management help them toward their stated goals.

The length of stay varies according the need, but some young people can be in Arndt House for over a year. Others for just a period of weeks. 

All staff are professional and continue to receive ongoing training in the skills required for their work. 

Our Manager of Social Services, Nynette Martin oversees the overall welfare of all the young people in our care, and we have two full time house parents and additional relief staff to care for the day to day running of the home. 

Arndt House is available to the community for various types of Respite Care.  Our intake process will determine the suitability and the duration and frequency of respite care to meet the needs of the client.  

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