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Residential Care

A residential care facility catering for 12 -16 year olds. We can cater for five young people at any one time. Arndt House is a safe, drug free home where young people can gain the support they need to overcome the difficulties they are facing. At Arndt House they learn discipline, personal development skills and communication skills which enable them to move forward.Our house Parents create a loving safe but disciplined environment
for the youth.They have duties and responsibilities and will learn to work in a co-operative home environment. Personal counselling is available for each young person and an individual ‘Destiny Plan’ is developed for their time at Arndt House. Each young person’s need is individually assessed by the management team to ensure best outcomes.

Parents also are encouraged to be involved and are supported through times of breakdown in relationship with the young person.The ultimate purpose of the program is to reunite individuals and families and equip them for a successful future. All young people in Arndt House must attend an educational facility during the day. The Tauranga Youth Academy offers a fully supervised alternative education program for all those who are not attending other schools or courses. Stays can be overnight in an emergency or several weeks or months depending on the need.

For longer stays a family conference with CYFS is necessary to put a strategic long-term plan in place. For short stays parents can simply refer their child to the manager of Arndt House. For referral and contact information see link.Discipline in the House is paramount for the safety of all and a young person will receive additional tasks and curfews for consistent non-co-operation. In serious cases where the welfare of others is jeopardised procedures are put in place for the young person to be removed from the House. We have referrals from Parents, CYFS, Justice, Health and Schools.


CLICK HERE FOR RESIDENTIAL CARE FORM: Admission and care plan AH 2015

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