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The Tauranga Youth Academy is a registered Alternative Education Program offering a full Academic and Elective program. The school caters for 17 students who have been alienated from main stream schooling. Many young people today struggle in the main stream environment and find themselves being expelled for various anti-social behaviour. In the more personalised environment of the Youth Academy they are able to deal with issues and receive the encouragement necessary to move forward.

Our staff are a mix of teachers, social workers and youth workers who combine to create a safe, positive and progressive environment for students. Tauranga Youth Academy is a drug free environment and consistent but fair discipline allows the students to gradually change wrong behaviour patterns.

The school is very strong on academic achievement and each student has their own learning program individually designed to develop their intellectual skills. Reading, Writing, Maths, Social Studies, Science are standard for all, with Maori, Sport & Recreation and other topical electives completing the daily program.
The older students are introduced to employment skills and part time work experience to prepare them for the future. Several students have completed their Studies to NCEA standards, a huge achievement for them.
The Tauranga Youth Academy teaches Christian values which enables the students to grasp a very positive hope for the future. From time to time guest speakers are invited to share their life experiences and encourage the students in their life journey.

Each year several camps are undertaken to again create positive life experiences – ski camp,a trip to Motiti Island, an adventure camp are some of the annual events. The year culminates with a Prize Giving. This is always a wonderful event for the students, teachers, families and invited guests. (see gallery pictures).

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